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Welcome to the administration page for the Legal Assist Group.   If you have been contacted by us and want more information, see below.

What is the Legal Assist Group?

If you have received a message from the Legal Assist Group, chances are that you recently reached out to us by responding to a post.  Perhaps you saw a legal post about a submitting a claim as part of a law suit or bankruptcy settlement – most likely on Facebook or other social media and you clicked on it to learn more.  There, you likely answered some questions and requested to move forward, talk to someone, or learn more.

The Legal Assist Group specializes in talking to consumers and businesses about the law, a legal case/bankruptcy, or an opportunity for file a claim into a legal matter.  The Legal Assist Group is hired by and works directly for Lawyers and Law Firms – which allows the attorney to keep working on the cases and lets us handle getting the potential clients well informed and able to make good decision about whether to come on board and peruse a claim.

The Legal Assist Group primary works in large pharmaceutical cases or other “mass torts” and has several teams of agents overseeing intake on major bankruptcies as well.  We are leaders in the field and been at the forefront of this process since 2002.

Again, the Legal Assist Group is NOT a law firm, but a helpful extension of the legal intake process.  We can any answer many questions, but can not give legal advice.  Our mission is to help people with a legal problem get the help they need.

I agree to receive response text messages in regards to my legal inquiry, which may be considered advertising material, and may be automatically generated from the form to assist us in coordinating communications. I understand my consent to this is not necessary to obtain legal services from the Legal Assist Group.  Msg & Data Rates May Apply.

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